Zoe Flint

In this episode, Zoe explains the importance of mental health awareness and wellbeing in the corporate workplace and how mindfulness and positive psychology can help. Zoe gives great insight into the way the human brain works and how developing a culture within the workplace can support us as a company and as individuals. 

David Wrathall

In this episode, David explains the importance of devoting time to leadership and management in any business journey. He shares some top tips for small brokers on how to improve their negotiating position with insurers and how to build significant revenue within the industry. He talks through his career journey, his achievements and some of his best moments!

Kevin Hancock (Part 2)

In this episode, Kevin explains how having a long-term plan enables him and his team to focus on growing Yutree and has allowed them to take the company from strength to strength. He talks about investing in profitable people and goes into a little more depth about how working with the right people aids building a successful brand, team and business overall. He also shares helpful tips and advice about the way in which the business is marketed, what he feels works best and some good and structured advice for those looking to start in the industry.

Tim Johnson

In this week’s episode, Tim will be talking about his start in the insurance industry and his experiences, lessons and achievements along the way. Tim will share some amazing tips for businesses on how to be more attractive for potential buyers who would like to acquire their business; and advise for brokers on how to be more successful in attracting great opportunities for investment – and if you’re in the insurance industry, it’s definitely worth a listen!

Richard Higham

In this episode, Richard will share some of the experiences throughout his career that gave him the most valuable learning and key indicators for a successful sales business. He will talk about level of activity, concentration of effort and effectiveness, and what influence it has for a small, growing business. Richard will also give three top tips for boosting your sales.

Kevin Hancock (Part 1)

In this episode, Kevin will talk about being awarded chartered status for Yutree Insurance, what steps are required to gain this status and discusses the challenges in progressing to chartered status. He will also discuss the importance of keeping his employees engaged in constantly learning and evolving, and the future prognosis for the insurance industry.

Peter Cullum

Peter Cullum began his insurance career in 1969 with the Royal Insurance Group and progressed to sales and marketing positions within Commercial Union and ITT London and Edinburgh.

In December 1993, he led the management buyout of Economic Insurance that was sold in 1995 to Hiscox plc. He joined Hiscox as group marketing director, a role he held until he left in 1997 to create Towergate Underwriting Group.

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