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COVID 19: Three webinars covering everything you need to know about the effects fo COVID 19 on our industry and what you can do to mitigate. It is essential that brokers, underwriters and claims staff alike have a full understanding of what the correct commercial insurance position is on the virus that is disrupting all our lives. It is not just policyholders who are asking this question, we all know friends and family who run small businesses and they will be asking anyone who works in insurance what the position is and why.

Webinar Three: Available to rent. 

The perfect storm why a very hard market is on the way and how to best prepare.

In this webinar we will cover how capacity is disappearing fast from the UK insurance market and how it will affect the industry, our clients and our business.  2020 could be the worse underwriting year ever! We will consider why capacity is draining out of the UK insurance market and why we are moving into a very hard market where niche covers will be difficult to place. We will explore how Solvency II, the recent stock market crash,Ogden, Soft rating , Floods and now Bi and Covid-19 have all combined to create the perfect storm and how rates will have to significantly increase with many high risk businesses facing the prospect of getting no alternative quotes. We will also explore, from a risk management point of view why it has never been more important for policyholders to be making proactive steps to improve their risks. 

Completion of the webinar will enable you to: 

  • Understand how Solvency II has taken capacity from the insurance market
  • How the recent stock market crash will make capacity issues worse
  • How insurers have struggled because of the Ogden rate change and soft rates
  • How Insurers have probably had the worst start to a year from an underwriting perspective ever and what this will mean for rates and coverage
  • How the market will change following Covid-19 and the affect it will have on wordings

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