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COVID 19: Three webinars covering everything you need to know about the effects fo COVID 19 on our industry and what you can do to mitigate. It is essential that brokers, underwriters and claims staff alike have a full understanding of what the correct commercial insurance position is on the virus that is disrupting all our lives. It is not just policyholders who are asking this question, we all know friends and family who run small businesses and they will be asking anyone who works in insurance what the position is and why.

Webinar One: Available for direct bookings for up to 250 staff

Business Interruption and Covid-19 

We will look at the background of Business interruption cover in the UK and focus specifically on the Bi extensions that may or may not cover Covid-19. It will be done in our plain English style so that you can go away and feel confident in talking about how Bi cover responds to the biggest issue of the day.

Completion of the webinar will enable you to: 

  • Understand the background to disease cover under Commercial Business Interruption policies
  • Understand the various Bi extensions that may or may not relate to Covid-19
  • Explain to policyholders whether their policy does or does not cover Bi losses relating to Covid-19

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