On today’s episode, we talk to CEO of Global Risk Partners, Clive Nathan. Clive will be known to most people throughout the industry as he’s had a very distinguished career starting in 1987. Clive currently has responsibility for GRP’s Underwriting division and in this episode, will be talking to us about COVID-19, its effects on the MGA marketing and Clive’s positivity for the future of the industry and economy. 


  • The effect COVID-19 has on the industry will be dictated largely by what happens with insurers and insurers will have a massive part to play in how the industry progresses through these uncertain times.
  • MGA sectors are seeing a reduced number of claims which is both interesting and surprising given the current industry circumstances.
  • Encouraging the use of technology is important, particularly within accessing damage for claims to avoid further delays for our clients and their cash flows.
  • As an industry, we should recognise that not all claims are going to be COVID-19 related.
  • The insurance industry can become quite pinned on rates but at the moment, we need to be mindful of what our clients can afford whilst still wanting to make money for insurance.
  • Amongst the current circumstances, there will be opportunity specifically in potential acquisitions. 


‘’…if these pay outs enter the billions and capacity hardens to unprecedented levels, it affects everybody so there is a balance here which I don’t think people outside of the insurance industry understands.’’

‘’…things like new business is going to slow down and I think that’s been true for probably all brokers at the moment but on the reverse side, again retention has been better because I think people are concentrating on running their businesses, not necessarily on looking to get new quotes on their insurance.’’

‘’…we look at our insurer relationships and underwriting as GRP across the piece, but also recognising that as MGAs, we’re running virtual insurance companies as well. So yes, we’re pushing some degree of rate through, but we’re also being quite mindful of the fact that now is not the time to be driving too much rate increase through where on those products, we can see that it’s going to have a major impact on the insured.’’

‘’There are indications that we’re going to start talking about easing the lockdown in the next couple of weeks. I think if that happens, because potentially this could have gone on for months and months, I think then you would have sustained damage to the economy.’’

‘’I think that if we can start to ease the lockdown sensibly over the next couple of months and businesses can get back up, then I think entrepreneurs will emerge.’’

‘’I don’t think the opportunities will dry up. I think the demographics, the challenges of regulation, the challenges of technology that remain in the broking community mean that often people are looking for a home where they can retain their brand and they can get some support and help.’’


Global Risk Partners Website: https://www.grpgroup.co.uk/about-our-group/our-senior-team/clive-nathan-chief-executive-underwriting/ 


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Clive begun his career in 1987 as a graduate entrant with Commercial Union, where he had a number of different roles. He joined AXA UK in 1999 as National Broker Director and was involved in the acquisition of GRE which resulted in him becoming Regional Director. Clive is now responsible for GRP’s Underwriting division. He joined GRP in April 2018 from Primary Group, where he fulfilled a variety of senior roles including Non-Executive Chairman of Rural Insurance and Executive Chairman of One Commercial. 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/clive-nathan-00943333/

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